There are 22 cards in the pack. Each one is self-explanatory which makes them easy to read. For each question you do not need the whole pack, just 3 or 4 nominated cards.

Full instructions come with the purchase and any new questions can be emailed and I will show you what cards to use.

The cost is £16.95 plus postage and packing. To purchase please mail me at jacqui@ladylilac.co.uk (paypal payment only).

- The set of cards
- A pouch to store them
- Some crystals to enhance love and relationships
- Full instructions and a list covering what cards you need for each question.

- Any further information you need please feel free to email me on jacqui@ladylilac.co.uk


Crystals are so pretty and you can feel the energy when you hold them in your palm. These energies help you in lots of ways. The crystals I suggest are these, they are small enough to keep in your purse/handbag.

The crystals are £2.00 plus £1.50 postage and packing.To purchase please mail me at jacqui@ladylilac.co.uk (paypal payment only).

This is a list of horoscope signs with the relative crystal and a brief description of the energy they will bring you.

ARIES Brecciated Jasper
Brings clarity and focus. Helps to uplift and decrease stress.

TAURUS Rose Quartz
Restores trust and harmony, encourages unconditional love.

GEMINI Gold Tiger Eye
Helps to release fear and anxiety. Aids harmony and balance.

CANCER Aventurine
Protects the heart. Brings luck, abundance and success.

LEO Clear Quartz
Clears the mind of negativity. Enhances higher spiritual receptiveness.

VIRGO Carnelian
This stone keeps its owner safe from harm. Keeping you strong and healthy. It also brings good luck.

LIBRA Moonstone
New beginnings, stabilises emotions, providing calmness. Enhances intuition and creativity.

SCORPIO Hematite
Grounding energy, cooling and calming. A strong powerful energy to help focus.

Great healing energy. Releases tension and brings relaxation.

CAPRICORN Snowflake Obsidian
Balances body, mind and spirit. Enables you to surrender to meditation.

AQUARIUS Blue Lace Agate
Communication is made easier. Helps you to gain confidence and provides clarity of thought.

PISCES Amethyst
Purifies the spirit. Heightens the psychic senses.


I like to work on the spells individually. If you contact me on jacqui@ladylilac.co.uk I will create the spell you need. I will send you the necessary equiptment to cast your spell, candles and ribbons.

The spells are £8.00 plus £2.00 postage and packing. To purchase please mail me at jacqui@ladylilac.co.uk (paypal payment only).

Mostly they are used for:
- Love
- Health
- Fertility
- Wealth


Will he marry me? Is it worth meeting up with the man I am talking to on my dating app? These are the cards that will give you the answer. They are inexpensive and easy to learn. Click on the tab above for further info.


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